Texas CHL Class
New Shorter Classes: 4-6 Hours


$ 90.00 New License class

$ 225.00  Private individual CHL classes.  Fee includes everything except state fees.

Course fee includes everything you will need to

submit to the Texas department of Public Safety for your license.

-Classroom instruction

-Shooting Qualifications


Reservations required Call 940-367-1840

Private classes available for 5 or more students, we come to your location. Shooting qualifications done at a DPS approved range.

Rental Guns available, 50 rounds of ammunition


We cover the following;

  1. Applications, paperwork required for the state
  2. Safe gun handling
  3. Security & storage of firearms
  4. Non violent dispute resolution
  5. Laws concerning the use of deadly force in the state of Texas
  6. Situational awareness

 My Certifications

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
Texas DPS Certified CHL instructor
Certified Fingerprinter
Utah Certified CFP (Concealed Firearms    Permit) .Instructor
NRA- Instructor Personal Protection in the Home
NRA- Instructor Personal Protection outside the Home
Certified Utah Concealed Firearm  Permit Instructor

New Classes being offered

Classes are being formed now for April, May and June. Check back with us for updates. Contact us if you have a specific date in mind for when you would like to attend a class.

  1. NRA First Steps Class – Introduction to Handguns
  2. Level Two classes offered in private class setting by Law Enforcement Officers
  3. NRA Basic Pistol Class


Hi Ken,

Thank you so much for your very kind and thoughtful email.  Your professionalism, the class setting and environment including the range portion were certainly way above par and exceptional.  We were both very pleased and most impressed with the training and information that we received from you during out one day session.

As you know, my focus the entire time was on Bethel and to ensure that she got the most out of the day.  In that regard I think that you did achieve very impressive results.  You took someone who was, at best, skeptical and had no interest in guns or shooting to someone who now has a serious appreciation for the gravity of owning and being responsible for a weapon and has a strong desire to improve her familiarity and skill at using one!  What a change one day made!


Private lessons available, we specialize in people new to shooting handguns.

Why sit in a small classroom for 4-6 hours on a cold metal chair?

We use PowerPoint, video and class discussion format. References available.

For more details or to have any question answered call 940-367-1840 or email.

Our class is non smoking as is the instructor-smoke free environment.

Classes are held in an executive conference room with plenty of room and luxurious high back office chairs.

We also have a co-op of professional certified instructors who can instruct you when you want, where you want.  Call us at 940-367-1840 for more details.

Private lessons for couples.
We do private classes for couples.

More Testimonials

Thanks a lot Ken! I really learned a lot from your class and feel more than prepared now.

Thanks Again,



Best CHL class I’ve had yet.  Trying to talk it up and send more business your way.



Thank you Ken for the professional instruction. I learned a lot today that I had not known before.


Thank you once again for putting together a fantastic program and ensuring that we knew what we were getting into with the Texas CHL program.


I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your instruction. You took me from fearful to confident with your class. I feel like I found a new interest. I am determined to sharpen my skills.


I recently took a CHL class from Ken Theaker of Argyle, Texas.

As a retired Army First Sergeant, I have to say that it was some of the best instruction in firearm handling and safety that I have observed in my 22+ years of service.  From Ken’s enthusiastic and well thought out presentation of the class material to his carefully organized and safety oriented shooting range instruction, he demonstrated excellent professionalism and attention to detail all while maintaining a relaxed and enjoyable training environment.

He is to be highly commended for a job well done.

Just a quick note to thank you for the great class! It was interesting, informative, and professional in a relaxed learning atmosphere. I now feel confident that I have the knowledge to be a responsible CHL holder. I will definitely refer others to you for their CHL needs.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.  I thoroughly enjoyed your class and am very happy I decided to take it.  I definitely have a new and better view about guns and gun safety and I’m looking forward to perfecting my shooting skills.  Thanks again.

I will never go to a small cramped class room for my renewal, it was awesome taking the class in my living room-this is the way to go.

Hi Ken,

Thank you for the pictures!

Deb & I talked all the way home. We were so impressed by your professionalism & we really appreciate you sharing your expertise with us today. We had a great experience, your classroom teaching was great I really understand the responsibilities that come along with the permit. You made the learning fun, but also got the message across on how serious the CHL & gun safety are. We will certainly recommend your class to anyone seeking a CHL.




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